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Breaking Down The 2020 NFL Offseason: NFC East

The NFL appears to be the only sport that we’re all pretending is just going to happen on time with zero COVID problems so let’s just talk about the 2020 offseason as if the world isn’t ending and let’s start with the NFC East, a division I care too much about.

We’re going to breakdown the offseason division-by-division starting with the one I’m most familiar with.

So let’s just right into the NFC East:

Best Acquisition

New York Giants: James Bradberry

The James Bradberry signing isn’t that impressive at all. He’s done nothing in his career to deserve $14 million a year while becoming the 4th highest paid cornerback in the NFL but as far as roster needs go, the Giants were entering the season with an extremely young group of underachieving corners. It was a necessary evil.

Dallas Cowboys: Gerald McCoy

Last season, Gerald McCoy had 37 tackles and 5 sacks. From my experience, teams are better with McCoy on the roster than they are without him.

Washington: Ron Rivera

The erasure of the 2015 15-1 Carolina Panthers must cease. Ron Rivera is one of the best coaches in the NFL and was fired because they’d rather have that scammer from Baylor but Rivera is the without a doubt the best coach in the NFC East.

Philadelphia Eagles: Darius Slay

Trading for Darius Slay might be the best trade of the 2020 NFL offseason outside of the Arizona Cardinals masking up and running the Houston Texans pockets in the middle of the night to steal DeAndre Hopkins.

Biggest Departure

Washington: Trent Williams

It’s tough to call Trent Wiliams a big departure when he didn’t step foot into the team’s facility last season after they totally misdiagnosed him and almost ruined his life but Wiliams is one of the best tackles in the league and there is no one they have on their roster that can protect Dwayne Haskins’s blindside as well as Trent Wiliams could have.

Philadelphia Eagles: Jason Peters

Jason Peters has been a Top 5 left tackle for the last decade and due to age and injuries, the Eagles have decided to move on and draft his replacement which I suppose is fair considering Carson Wentz has been getting his head beat in year after year regardless of who’s on the line.

Dallas Cowboys: Travis Frederick

Travis Frederick has been forced to retire due to health issues which could be a potential problem for a Cowboys team that thrives off the strength of their offensive line.

New York Giants: Markus Golden

I’ll explain more later. Really not trying to make this article about the NFC East into a New York Giants deep dive. For now.

quarterback battles

Worst Decision

Philadelphia Eagles: Jalen Hurts

Let’s be very clear that if the Eagles were truly concerned about Carson Wentz’s health, there were plenty of backups they could’ve went after that are less popular than Jalen Hurts. Drafting Hurts instantly put them in the center of attention when no one would’ve gave a shit if they saw ‘Eagles sign QB Joe Flacco‘ on the bottom ESPN scroll.

New York Giants: No pass rushers

It’s odd to go into the offseason declaring that you need a pass rusher and then proceeding to acquire *reviews notes* zero pass rushers. Not only did the Giants not sign a pass rusher but they let Markus Golden go, the player who led their team in sacks last season. Dave Gettleman once said that he didn’t sign Odell Beckham to trade him and then immediately traded him so yea, never believe a word that asshole says.

Dallas Cowboys: Not signing Dak Prescott long term

I know Jerry Jones and the Dallas front office cares not about ‘distractions’ but signing everyone on the roster to long term deals EXCEPT for the starting quarterback and then doubling-down by signing Andy Dalton as your backup QB knowing that he’s good enough to be a starter is putting so much unnecessary pressure on Dak Prescott on top of all the pressures of being an NFL quarterback and the Cowboys quarterback on top of that.

Washington: Chase Young

Yes, Washington had the 27th ranked pass rush last season and drastically underperformed on 3rd defense but that was mainly due to injuries and bad coaching, not a lack of talent. Montez Sweat, Ryan Kerrigan and Jonathan Allen could all barely stay on the field last season. Teams are reallyyyy going to regret not having a Tua Tagovailoa on their roster.

Best Rookie

Washington: Chase Young.

But also ignore everything I just said because I think this Washington defensive line is going to mirror what San Francisco did last season by just continually adding top talent to throw at opposing quarterbacks.

Dallas Cowboys: CeeDee Lamb

Man, I cannot wait to see Andy Dalton to CeeDee Lamb.

Philadelphia: Jalen Reagor

The Eagles fired everyone and completely reshaped their offensive coaching staff. Carson Wentz is healthy and dragged the Eagles to the playoffs throwing to practice squad guys and concession workers. The Eagles NEED Jalen Reagor Targaryen to develop into a star.

New York Giants: Xavier McKinney

Drafting Xavier McKinney in the 2nd round was an absolute steal which almost makes up for reaching to draft OT Andrew Thomas with the No. 4 pick knowing damn well he would’ve been available later if you traded down. But McKinney follows a long line of talented Alabama safeties.

Position Battle To Watch

Philadelphia: Corner

Outside of Darius Slay, the Eagles entire secondary is a mess. Malcolm Jenkins’s departure leaves a hole in their secondary that they appear to be plugging up by throwing random bodies at it.

New York Giants: Center

The New York Giants needed offensive line help and they certainly improved the tackle position but uh, maybe give Daniel Jones a center? There’s one center on the roster, Spencer Pulley, and he only has 26 career starts at the position. This is arguably the most important battle going into camp and it’s going to be a bum fight.

Dallas Cowboys: Cornerback

The Cowboys have decided to have 90 corners on their roster so it will actually be a battle in camp just to make the roster let alone start on Week 1. They are going to give Dak HELL in practice. Andy Dalton SZN.

Washington: Quarterback*

I’ve seen enough Alex Smith propaganda videos to know that Dwayne Haskins is one awful interception away from forcing Smith out of his wheelchair to take his job back. This is all assuming he still has two legs though. Alex Smith is low-key the second best quarterback in the NFC East. Behind Daniel Jones of course.

joe judge

Biggest Storyline Heading Into 2020

New York Giants: Can Joe Judge and Daniel Jones become the next Bill Belichick and Tom Brady?

I have zero doubts that Daniel Jones is capable of being the best quarterback on the field on any random Sunday. He’s proven that if he can fix his fumbling problem that the only thing stopping him would be Pat Shurmur’s playcalling. I also have zero doubts that Joe Judge is a worm that doesn’t deserve this role and is going to fuck it up.

Washington: How close is Washington?

Little condescending of me to imply that Washington’s 2020 season doesn’t even matter but Washington’s 2020 season doesn’t even matter. This is a year of evaluation and determining where the holes are. They will be last in the NFC East. As it was written.

Dallas Cowboys: Is Dak Prescott the guy?

Whether they sign him long term or not, this is the season where we need to learn once and for all if Dak Prescott is truly that dude or if he can just beat up on bad teams and stinks when it matters. Zeke Elliot. Amari Cooper. CeeDee Lamb. No excuses.

Philadelphia Eagles: Who do we blame when they fail?

The Eagles are going to fail. For the last three years, they’ve gone into the season as the favorites with the best roster on paper and an MVP candidate as their QB and blah blah anddd they were eliminated from the Wild Card round last season by the Seattle Seahawks. If everyone is healthy, what’s their excuse going to be? Not enough Jalen Hurts?

Who wins the division?

Fucking Dallas or whatever. Congrats, you won the NFC East.  And the Atlanta Falcons or Tampa Bay Buccaneers just catapulted you out of the postseason in Round 1.



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