Breaking Down Judy Hale’s 10-Step Masterplan in Netflix’s Dead To Me

Netflix’s Dead To Me is a dark comedy about Christina Applegate’s character, Jen Harding, losing her husband in a hit and run car accident and befriending Linda Cardellini’s character, Judy Hale, at a grief support group and you won’t believe what wacky hijinx these two ladies get into!!!

This article isn’t about to be a review of the show. I have no idea whether or not it was good. There was a weird tone shift in the second half of the season where it changed from a fun comedy to like, a murder mystery but we already knew who the murderer was so yea.

Instead, this article is going to zoom in on the decisions that Judy Hale made. This is my version of teaching a How To Get Away With Murder class. I follow OJ Simpson on Twitter. I know what I’ m talking about.

So let’s start at the first WILD move Judy makes.

  1. Judy Hale and her fiance, James Marsden aka the guy in every movie that gets dumped for someone way better than him, are driving at night when they suddenly run a man over.

2. Then, after some stern convincing from bae, Judy decides to keep driving and the couple hides the car in their storage facility.

Right off the bat, you always get rid of the murder weapon. You also should probably dispose of the body but getting away with a hit and run doesn’t necessarily require that. Maybe burn the car to ash or at the very least, DON’T PARK IT IN YOUR STORAGE FACILITY.

3. Judy decides to attend the funeral of the man she murdered. Fun fact: this is what a fucking sociopath does. Guilty people either turn themselves in or they move to another hemisphere and repress all memories.

4. This is where Judy Hale really takes her genius plan off the tracks. She finds the grief support group that Jen attends and goes there hoping to befriend her.

Extremely flawed thought process. She killed a woman’s husband and figured the way to make it up to that woman was HER companionship. What insane levels of narcissism flows through your brain to think that hanging out with you is the equivalent of the life of a lost loved one. This bitch.

5. Judy moves in with Jen and her kids whose dad she murdered. This is serial killer shit. There is no logical explanation for this behavior outside of the idea that Judy wants to the entire Harding family dead.

6. She starts dating a detective.

7. She asks that detective to help Jen find the person who killed her husband. Reminder: Judy is the person who killed her husband.

And it’s not as if she is attempting to throw them off of her scent. In fact, it’s just the opposite. She leads her new bae, Nick, directly to her ex-fiance’s front door.

8. Oh, very important part of this master plan is to make sure that you do not change the registration of the car used in the murder.

9. After months of building trust and developing a relationship with Jen, Judy decided to finally reveal to her that she is the hit and run driver that the two of them have been hunting this entire time.

10. Judy Hale admits to committing vehicular manslaughter and then just goes about her life as if she didn’t just admit to COMMITTING VEHICULAR MANSLAUGHTER.

Homegirl really went to Jen’s open house to apologize like ‘sorry for killing your husband. Befriending you. Moving into his room. Leading you on a wild goose chase to find some imaginary killer. Lying to you every single day. And once again, my bad on the homicide sweetheart. Wine night?!’

Let’s see how season 2 of Dead To Me can make sense of Judy Hale’s nonsense.

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