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Breaking Down Jay-Z’s Nasty Partnership With The NFL

Today, Roc Nation announced it has entered into a long-term partnership with the National Football League as the league’s official Live Music Entertainment Strategists. The partnership will begin as the NFL’s 100th season kicks off and will serve as a commitment from Roc Nation and the NFL to nurture and strengthen community through music and the NFL’s Inspire Change initiative.

Roc Nation will spearhead and advise on the selection of artists for NFL tentpole performances, including the Super Bowl, and will assist in the production and promotion of new music as well as culture- and cause-focused initiatives.

A core component of the partnership will be to amplify the Inspire Change platform priority areas identified by NFL Players, including Education and Economic Advancement, Improving Police-Community Relations, and Criminal Justice Reform. (NFL)


There are levels to this new Roc Nation partnership with the NFL and not all of them are nasty but the deal is being portrayed as this heroic gesture by Jay-Z to highlight black voices in a league that has gone out of its way to squash those voices.

That’s nasty.

Let’s be very clear that Jay-Z doesn’t need the NFL to begin social reform. He’s rich as hell without them and has a more meaningful voice than JJ Watt. Jay didn’t need the NFL when he produced a documentary on Trayvon Martin.

He doesn’t need the NFL as much as the NFL needs him.

We can applaud Jay-Z for his incredible business savvy here just as we praised Nike for capitalizing off of Colin Kaepernick’s protest to sells more sneakers to black people.

But let’s recognize that this literally has nothing to do with social justice and race relations. This was 1000% about Jay’s bank account. And that’s super cool for the Carter family and super nasty for guys like Kap and Eric Reid who actually put the work in to pave the way for Jay to swoop in last minute and financially gain from it.

Yo, look at this motherfucker. Look at the face he made when he was asked this question as if he was both SHOCKED that someone would bring up the alleged social justice that his deal with the NFL was supposedly about and the tone of his voice as he sounds annoyed that he has to talk about it at all.

We’re not past shit, Jay. He’s sitting next to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the man who straight up ignored the cause that Kaepernick kneeled for. If we were past the protest stage then why has the NFL literally never acknowledged what he was doing? Can we get one fucking PSA at halftime about police brutality? I mean, that clown was looking at the floor during that question wanting nothing to do with the issue. No, we are not all aware of the issue, JAY.

Again, Jay-Z isn’t a villain for this deal. But no millionaire has made their money from being outstanding citizens with zero ethical and moral contradictions. Nah, if you want a million dollars you have to burn down an orphanage first. Those are the rules.

The NFL won here. They have their ‘we can’t be racist, we have a black friend’. Any racist activities they participate going forward will be easily dismissed by them. ‘How can we be racist? Look at Jay-Z’s black face next to me’.

So nasty.

sidenote: everyone go get that bag. Burn that orphanage.

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