Braxton Miller Should Be The Ohio State Starting Quarterback

Cardale Jones has been announced today as the starting quarterback of the Ohio State Buckeyes. Ohio State is the only 3-0 team that continues to be questioned. They are the reigning champions and currently the number one ranked team in the country, but are still joggling between quarterbacks.

Cardale Jones could have left for the draft last year when he led Ohio State to the title. He was a projected first round pick and only player for a few games. He would have snuck his way onto an NFL roster without anyone ever really seeing him play football.

For whatever reason, he came back. I assume Urban Meyer promised him that he’d start, and after three weeks, Meyer has finally followed through on this promise.

I think Cardale Jones is overrated and should probably spend the rest of his life on the bench. He’s currently thrown for 334 yards with 2 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. He is the textbook definition of “average as shit.”

Many people believe that J.T. Barrett should lead the Buckeyes. Many people are dumb. J.T. Barrett is a far better athlete than Cardale Jones. Cardale Jones is Byron Leftwich with a great team around him. J.T. Barrett is a much better option. No doubt.

But that’s Braxton Miller. He is the former starting quarterback, and due to numerous injuries, he lost his job to J.T. Barrett last year. Now he’s a wide receiver, which will for sure help him make it to the NFL, so good for him there. But who cares about the NFL right now? You can switch the receiver during the NFL combine or whatever. Ohio State needs Braxton at QB.

Two-time Big Ten Player of the Year and came in 5th in Heisman voting in 2012. He’s been there, and he’s done that. He’s already been the best, and he didn’t just lose his ability to throw a football. The only thing that was stopped him was an injury. He’s 100% healthy right now and is a proven commodity.

Regardless of who Ohio State starts as quarterback, they’re not going to be losing any games this year, so I guess there’s really no point in writing this. Awesome.


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