We Officially Live in a World Where Bradley Cooper Has More Grammy Nominations Than Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande…COMBINED

Taylor Swift 2018 Grammy nominations: 1

Ariana Grande 2018 Grammy nominations: 2

Bradley Cooper Grammy nominations: 4

What a time to be alive.

I truly believe that Limitless was a documentary and Bradley Cooper has secretly been ingesting NZT to perfect his new musical craft. That is the only explanation for what’s going on here.

We all have figured out at this point that the Grammy’s are weird and the voters don’t seem to actually listen to music but pop stars usually get all the love so it’s shocking that Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ only has one nomination.

Unless of course, the voters have actually started listening to the music because Reputation was a pretty average ass album that doesn’t deserve a nomination at all but again, the Grammy’s LOVE pop stars.

But that doesn’t explain why Ariana Grande only has 2 nominations. If Ariana Grande sneezes, my phone sends me a push notification demanding me that I tweet ‘god bless you’ to her. Sweetener was one of the highest selling records of the year.

But nope, Bradley Cooper’s ‘Shallow’ from A Star Is Born gets every nomination because above all else, (white) guys jamming out on a guitar wins out every time. Don’t be shocked if Bon Jovi somehow wins every award.

If these women want Grammys then they better star in A Star Is Born 2: Electric Boogaloo alongside Miles Teller, probably.




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