Boston Celtics Almost Traded For Carmelo Anthony At the Trade Deadline

So there was a lot of speculation this trade deadline and nothing too major happened. Teams were fearful of blowing up their roster as we approach a summer in which team’s cap space will surge. Well, the Boston Celtics were at the epicenter of trade negotiations as they have so many assets to give away to bring a star into town.

After Danny Ainge gave an interview following the deadline in which he claimed he was close to acquiring a star player that no one had even thought about, it looks like that star player was Carmelo ‘The Melo’ Anthony.

[su_quote cite=”ESPN” url=””]Prior to the trade deadline, the Boston Celtics expressed interest in obtaining Anthony via a trade with the Knicks, according to league sources with knowledge of the situation.

It is unclear if there were any formal discussions between New York and Boston and if those discussions ever reached an advanced stage. But Boston was informed that Anthony had no desire to leave the Knicks via trade to play for the Celtics, sources say.[/su_quote]

If you know me at all then you know that I hate the Boston Celtics more than anything. I wake up in the morning and I spar with a Boston Celtics punching bag. I have a dart board in my room with Paul Pierce’s lizard face and I smear sewage on it to give it that realistic Paul Pierce cess glow.

Having said all of that, I would’ve LOVED if the Knicks traded Carmelo to the Celtics. The Carmelo Anthony as the number one star in New York era is over. Carmelo is approaching 32-years old and has the knees of a geriatric woman. The honeymoon is over.

How many games have to end with Carmelo Anthony being absolutely winded going weak to the basket expecting a foul call and then when he doesn’t get that call he gets a stupid technical foul and now the Knicks have to climb out of a bigger hole.

Yes, if you trade Carmelo than that may set your franchise back a few years. Or it might not. Look at what Boston has to offer. The Celtics potentially have 2 lottery picks in the 2016 NBA draft as well as their own 1st round pick. They also would have to match Carmelo’s $22 million salary so the Knicks wouldn’t just be receiving future draft picks but we’d also be obtaining quality NBA rotation players which would be amazing because I think I’m all finished seeing Sasha Vujacic get minutes.

That trade would’ve set the Knicks up for a glorious offseason where we could’ve flipped the assets we got from Boston and traded for a stud. But nope, Carmelo is selfish and doesn’t want to leave New York. Wonderful. The Knicks are Carmelo Anthony’s hostage and Sasha Vujacic still exists. Lyfe.






Sidenote: Carmelo would’ve 1000% won a championship with the Celtics like, this season and I would’ve had to move to like Tasmania or some shit.


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