Boogie Cousins Almost Beat Kevin Durant’s Ass Last Night

Kevin Durant update: Still a bitch. Is there any human on Earth that is more insecure than Durant and his acne-ridden face? Trick question: no. Durant’s fake tough guy routine is the most transparent ‘I’m pretending to be tough because I know there are cameras on me and I don’t know what to do with my hands’ of all time.

KD has been ejected in three games this season for no reason other than the fact he no longer has his those fake burner Twitter accounts to defend himself against NBA fans. Getting ejected is probably the best case scenario last night because Boogie would’ve chokeslammed him through the announcer’s table.

Shout out to DeMarcus Cousins for controlling himself. There was a moment after he gets ejected where he turns back around to confront Durant and you can tell he was ready for war and Durant realized who he was arguing with.

If anyone is going to mop up Durant’s bitch ass, it’s Boogie. I need this playoff matchup to happen as soon as possible.



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