Boars on the Floor: Should We Feel Bad For Tom?

We are only three episodes into the second season of Succession and it seems like we’ve already seen every character in their most vulnerable pathetic form.

‘Hunting’ was the peak of Logan Roy’s insanity, paranoia and narcissism as he perceives his empire to be under attack from the inside and used his little company retreat as the opportunity to squeeze answers out of everyone via the only way he knows how…

Boars on the Floor.

It’s safe to say, no one in that room—including Logan Roy—understood what the hell that ‘game’ was but watching Karl, Tom and Cousin Greg on all fours fighting for sausages was uncomfortable as hell.

The loser would be labeled as the mole who is giving information to the woman attempting to write Logan Roy’s unauthorized biography and after Cousin Greg admitted to Tom that he was the one who met with the author, it was tough watching Tom get punished for keeping his friend’s(?) secret.

Tougher look when he gets home from a weekend of humiliation only for his wife to immediately tell him all about the weekend she had humping some other guy.

Succession is a show without a protagonist. There is no hero or underdog to root for. We are led to believe that Kendall was our hero but we immediately find out he’s a shitty husband and father, a cokehead, oh, and he murdered a guy.

Roman is a needy asshole who is incapable of a single second of sincerity. Connor, the forgotten Roy son is moments away from prison after proudly stating on social media that he has no plans on paying his taxes.

Shiv is the closest we have as a character to root for as she was the only one who seemed to want to separate herself from her family’s nonsense only to be dragged back in this season when Logan floated out the idea of her running the company when he steps down thus presenting the ultimate carrot on stick to his one child who he had lost his control over.

She also continually emasculates her husband on a weekly basis. She’s basically trapped Tom in this weird relationship where his only benefit is career-related Tom isn’t even capable of capitalizing on that advantage as he struggles to handle the cruises without a major scandal unfolding under his watch.

So are we supposed to feel bad for Tom?

Fuck that.

We’ve all met ‘Toms’ before in our lives.. They are suck ups around the boss. They attempt to ‘play the game’ but they are very transparent and it makes everyone in the room feel sorry for them.

Tom’s self-esteem is so nonexistent it’s cringeworthy. The way he seeks the approval of Logan and Shiv while simultaneously shitting on Greg the Egg makes him difficult to watch let alone root for.

But if his friendship (?) with Greg continues to develop and he chooses Greg over being cucked by Shiv then perhaps he is our sympathetic hero.

Orrrr he’ll rat on Greg next week before swallowing his own semen again.


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