Black People Can’t Even Get Wendy’s Without Cops Murdering Them Now

Following the brutal murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police, America is on high alert for any and all instances of the police’s overreaching powers and their terrorism against the black community and with all eyes on the police, those sick fucks are STILL murdering innocent black people and Rayshard Brooks is the newest victim of their brutality.

On Friday night, 27-year old Rayshard Brooks fell asleep in a Wendy’s drive-thru. The police were called and after failing a sobriety test, Brooks struggled with the officer because he didn’t want to go to jail because of course he didn’t want to go to jail. Brooks grabbed an officer’s taser and ran away. The cop then fired three shots into his back killing him in the fucking WENDYS PARKING LOT.

What problem did the police solve that night? Every argument against the removal of police departments is that they service the community and it would be chaos without them. What exactly did the police do to make anyone’s life better?

A man who is struggling with drugs or alcohol so much that he fell asleep at a fast food drive thru window is now dead. A man who should be in a rehabilitation center. A man who is 27 years old and had an entire lifetime ahead of him is being buried.

And what are the consequences of these actions? The murderer is fired and the police chief resigned. Cool.

In what other job can you pull out a job and spray bullets into someone and you just lose your job? If you’re a cashier at a grocery store and a customer steals a bunch of shit, what happens if you run behind them and shoot them in the back three times? Answer: you are going to prison forever.

There are going to be garbage arguments like ‘he was drunk behind the wheel, he could’ve killed someone’ or ‘he shouldn’t have resisted arrest’. Those are the words of racists who do not care that a black man died because they, much like the police, do not think black people deserve to be alive unless they’re helping them win their fantasy football leagues.

Let’s. Fucking. Go.

Enough of this nonsense. Burn everything to the ground. I don’t want to hear about peaceful protests anymore. We’re literally doing that everyday and we’re still being murdered in the streets like wild animals.

What if Rayshard Brooks wrestled his way out of an arrest and ran home? Seriously, would it have mattered? Was he some dangerous criminal that needed to be kept off the streets permanently? Or was he just a dude who got too high and wanted a Baconator?

That officer decided that because Brooks broke free of arrest he deserved execution. And white people are going to agree with him.

Instead, why aren’t we asking why the officers are so absolutely terrible at apprehending a man who was unconscious 50 seconds earlier. How awful are you at your job that you can’t keep a sleeping body in your custody?

These cops will find any excuse to fire their weapon at a black person. Oh you took his taser? Death penalty.

This isn’t something you can ‘reform’. All of those hours of training and when it comes time to arrest someone who doesn’t want to be arrested, they are overwhelmed and firing bullets in fear. And then they just get fired. That’s that. Someone is dead and the killer is temporarily unemployed. Fair is fair.

We should be burning every damn building down until these serial killers cosplaying as police officers are behind bars.

Shutdown cities until things change. I don’t want to hear about ‘having difficult conversations’ as if racism is a brand new fad that we need to explain is wrong to dumb children like eating tide pods. Nah, we’ve been talking for centuries and white people have been ignoring it. You guys can talk amongst yourselves as your cities burn.

Black people can’t even get Wendy’s without cops murdering them. What are we doing?






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