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Black Mirror – USS Callister: Star Trek Is Dumb

Soo I’m going to run through the newest season of Black Mirror for all of you beautiful people. You know what a great place to start is? Episode 1. So here we are at USS Callister where Jesse Plemons gets to do what Jesse Plemons does best, be mega creepy and make you squirm as he makes everyone uncomfortable.

What makes this episode stand out for and foremost is how colorful it is. I love Black Mirror and I love how every episode is sort of foggy and dry looking. It’s British as fuck in that regard. But this episode starts off incredibly bright and vibrant which is an interesting change of pace.

Second, the ensemble cast is dope. I’m always hyped to see that one McPoyle brother appear in more serious television. Remember when he was the Man in Black in Westworld and the internet figured it out by episode 2? Man, Westworld kind of sucked.

But what I love most about this episode is that it’s a Star Trek parody that mocks all of the weird tropes of that original series that people grew up on. Captain Kirk was a weirdo and pretty much treated everyone the same way that Plemons does in this episode. He was inappropriate with the women on the ship which I guess at the time was charming but post-Matt Lauer it’s gross.

The best parts of the episode were Christin Militoli’s character entering the ship and refusing to play along. I want/need a spin-off of her and her new crew going on adventures within that video game.

Also real quick just because it’s on my mind, that company goes under now that Robert Daly is essentially comatose, right? Like he is the expert coder at that company and he’s gone soo like, the company is for sure over and all of those wonderful people actually lost their job because their internet avatars got selfish and wanted agency. HOW IS WALTON GOING TO FEED LITTLE TOMMY NOW? HOW IS HE GOING TO AFFORD ALL THOSE SWEET DELICIOUS DNA SOAKED LOLLIPOPS FOR HIS BOY??




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