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Black Mirror – Hang The DJ: Someone Make This Dating App ASAP

San Junipero is the best thing that has ever happened to me. When I die, send me to San Junipero so I can hang with Kelly and Yorkie in the 80’s. Hang The DJ is Black Mirror’s second annual ‘Yea, we’re all going to die and machines our butchers but love over everything’. Sure, this wasn’t as good as San Junipero but literally, nothing is. Nothing on Earth. Although heaven is a place on Earth.

If you read Deadseriousness then you already know my motto: Dating. Is. Hard. Well, Charlie Brooker has obviously been a fan of my work and decided to make an episode entirely about the cruelty of Tinder and short-term flings.

Honestly imagine being set up on a date with a complete stranger and being forced to not only date but live with that chick for a full year and you can’t even enjoy garlic dip. Oh, and she only has doggystyle sex with you. Actually, I’ve honestly done that already. If only I knew the ‘expirary date’ before I bought that girl a television.

Amy and Frank are my new relationship goals. I had no relationship goals prior to this episode so it wasn’t a huge mountain for them to climb. Find you someone who is going to rebel and hop over the wall with you at least 99.8% of the time.

Another super important aspect of this episode is that we see the one night stands and quick flings from Amy’s perspective which makes the whole situation far more discouraging and exhausting. If there was a montage of Frank banging hot chick after hot chick would we feel bad for him or be jealous that we weren’t in that simulation ourselves?

But my favorite part of the episode is that the title makes zero sense until the final shot when alive of a sudden that song by The Smiths starts playing in that dive bar. Roll credits. BAM. Art.


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