Bill O'Reilly

Bill O’Reilly and Matt Lauer BATTLE Over Sexual Harassment Charges

I should probably start off by saying that there’s no way to know what really happened between Bill O’Reilly and all of these women at Fox News who have detailed and individually unique sexual harassment claims against him.

But yea, Bill for sure sexually harassed these broads. Shout out to Matt Lauer throwing on his Journalism hat and spelling it nicely for Bill. Why would Fox News get rid of their biggest name and their highest rated show over false sexual harassment claims. Sure, some advertisers pulled out by I guarentee there was a line of more advertisers ready to take their place.

Nope, according to this creepy old man, he has never msitreated anyone in all 42 years in the business. He didn’t mean sexual harass, he straight up said he’s never mistreated a single person. What a hero. Even though there’s a story that he beat the shit out of his wife but again, never took any of that rage to work.

I really feel bad for Bill. What a victim. This is a hit job. Just like Bill Cosby, who also had women with very detailed logs of everything Cosby did to them. It’s a shame that the LAMESTREAM GREEDIA wants to end careers. #FreeBills.




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