Bill O’Brien is a Spiteful Little Bitch

The Houston Texans have traded away the best wide receiver in the NFL to the Arizona Cardinals for third string running back David Johnson. They also decided it was a good idea to throw in a 4th round draft pick to really sweeten the deal in case Arizona wasn’t sure if they wanted to acquire DeAndre Hopkins or not.


DeAndre Hopkins has been a first-team All-Prop wide receiver for the last three consecutive seasons. In 2019, he recorded 104 receptions with 1,165 yards and 7 touchdowns. Back-to-back 100 catch seasons.

So naturally, Bill O’Brien traded that receiver away from David Johnson. DJ ran for 375 yards last season as a backup whose role on the team was to keep the bench warm for Kenyan Drake. Cardinals head coach, Kliff Kingsbury, is supposed to be an offensive mastermind and he couldn’t even find a way to get Johnson on the field.

Also worth noting that David Johnson makes $10 million this season. You can make the argument that the Texans traded away Hopkins because they knew he’d want a long term deal sooner than later but trading him away for a backup who’s just as expensive seems odd especially considering that Hopkins is the best receiver and he’s currently the 15th highest paid.

My point is, money isn’t an excuse for this move. This trade saves Houston about $2.5 million. Perhaps they can use that money to sign a top receiver like DeAndre Hopkins.

Bill O’Brien is only a few months removed from blowing a 24-point lead to the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC divisional round because he has no idea how to coach football games and now he’s immediately reminding people that he should in no way be in charge of front office decisions.

Last offseason, Bill O’Brien traded TWO first-round draft picks for Laremy Tunsil. Deshaun Watson was sacked the most in 2018 and needed offensive line help. Thanks to Tunsil, Watson’s sacks went from 62 to simply 44. 44 times. Traded away two first round draft picks and your quarterback is still under attack every time he drops back.

Plus, you need to pay Tunsil and Watson soon. One might argue you’d want to use the money that is currently being paid to BACK UP running back, David Johnson. He traded away Jadeveon Clowney last season because Clowney wanted a long term extension.

At what point do we take a step back and realize that Bill O’Brien is a little bitch who takes contract demands as personal slights against him. He didn’t want to even deal with the possibility of negotiating an extension with DeAndre Hopkins even though Hopkins still has three years left on his deal and hadn’t shown any public signs of wanting more.

This is what happens when your head coach is also the GM.¬† Any sort of contract talk is taken as a direct attack at the coach and is used to make the player look like his goals don’t align with the team. Bill O’Brien can go back to his locker room and say that Hopkins wasn’t a team-first guy and now he has propaganda to feed his players.

O’Brien is one of the worst coaches in the league and he is without a doubt the worst GM. How do you trade away DeAndre Hopkins and Jadeveon Clowney in a 6-month span and still enter the 2020 draft with zero first-round picks? The fuck are you doing?

I cannot wait for Deshaun Watson to be traded for a 7th rounder and a Denny’s gift card next year because Bill O’Brien is a petty asshole who thinks all players should play want to play for free and he’ll give his stars away for ANYTHING as long as he gets to talk on the phone with someone.








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