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Bill Cosby is Out Here Doing the Fat Albert Voice Leaving Court, Just Having a Fun Time

Ah, classic Bill Cosby. Just always having a super fun time and rewarding the fans. Who’s a better guy than Cosby. All he wants to do is put a smile on people’s face, whether they want him to or not. He can’t not make be happy.

It’s almost as if he isn’t walking into a court room in which he was accused of raping several women. Kudos to him for staying jolly and in high spirits even though he drugged a bajillion chicks and sucked their toes while they slept.

I’m so proud of Cosby, after all he’s been through, to still put the fans ahead of him. Cosby isn’t letting the fact that he could end up in prison for handing a woman three pills and then banging her because she never said no because she was so drugged up that she couldn’t speak or physically stop him.

What a stand up guy.





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