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HBO is Pressuring The Author of Big Little Lies to Write a Second Season

That’s per The Sydney Morning Herald, which reports that Moriarty has been approached by execs at HBO to think up season-two story ideas to feed to screenwriter David E. Kelley. Moriarty hasn’t committed to anything yet, but mentioned plans to follow Nicole Kidman’s Celeste as she recovers from the murderous events at the climax of the show’s first season. She also wants to delve into the backstory of Zoë Kravitz’s character, Bonnie, which was included in her book but omitted from the show, despite it being pivotal to that same season-ending incident.

(AV Club)

Big Little Lies worked perfectly as a 7 episode one-off series. Everything leading up to the monster moment at the end of the series where we find out who gets murdered. It was the perfect ending and I’m completely okay with letting the moms of Monterey just chill with their kids on the beach and ride off into the sunset. They won.

I have zero interest in seeing the consequences of their actions. If anything, they should True Detective this motherfucker and get a whole new cast in a whole new town. Give me all the aging actresses who need Emmy awards.

I want Julianne Moore up in this bitch. Give me some Michelle Pfeiffer a call. Has anyone talked to Glen Close lately? Someone text Isabelle Huppert, we’ll make this take place in France.





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