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Betsy DeVos Has No Idea What The Fuck She’s Doing

Department of Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, went on 60 Minutes this weekend and proved all of her doubters correct by making it extremely apparent that she has no idea what the fuck she is doing out here.

The weirdest part of her interview is when DeVos straight up said that she doesn’t visit struggling schools and essentially only pays attention to schools that are thriving which is be the polar opposite of what the federal government ought to be doing.

The entire role of the federal government, in theory, should be to help the children that need it the most, which happens to be children in poverty so all of Betsy DeVos’s boasting about ignoring poor kids goes hand in hand with the way the Trump Regime has decided to make the rich richer and to create a Hunger Games scenario in which poor people devour one another.

Homegirl really thinks that these schools will magically fix themselves with no additional resources.

Betsy DeVos has no idea what the fuck she is doing.

DeVos also said that “one sexual assault is one too many, but “one falsely accused individual is one too many.”

Asked if the two were the same, DeVos remarked, “I don’t know. I don’t know. But I’m committed to a process that’s fair for everyone involved.”


This is the most frustrating thing about all of these unqualified people in major government positions. All policies aside, this asshole doesn’t even have her own OPINIONS on issues.

A major problem on college campuses is sexual assault. She runs the department of education. She does not know enough about a major problem to be able to say more than ‘I don’t know I don’t know’ when asked about the subject.

That question was asked of DeVos because she removed Obama era rules on how schools handle sexual assault cases because she said that too many men were falsely accused so now it has become harder for women to get justice when they actually are assaulted.

Betsy DeVos has no idea what the fuck she is doing.


Also, quick shout out to Lesley Stahl for putting Betsy DeVos in the torture chamber the entire interview and not allowing her to get away with saying that she’s investing in ‘students not schools’ in a way to defend her decision to take funding away from struggling schools and redistributing that money to schools that are already performing well without the need of government assistance.

We’re all going to die. YOU GUYS voted for this people. Remember that.



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