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Betsy DeVos Gives Speech at Black College and Gets BOOED Off of the Planet Earth

Jesus. Betsy DeVos had an interesting afternoon as everyone and their mothers booed as hard as they could for apparently the entirety of her 28 minute speech. Whether you agree with her stances on education or you disagree adamantly, you have to give her credit for powering through a speech while half of the audience had their back to her.

I’ve gained so much respect for Betsy now that she’s embraced the heel role. This is the equivalent of Hollywood Hulk Hogan joining The Outsiders and creating the NWO and getting a shower of boos and beer cans in the middle of the ring.1

This is my dream. I want to reach a point where some fool invites me to give the commencement speech at their college and this is the exact reaction I want. Straight outrage. Difference being, I write jokes on the internet and Betsy DeVos is in charge of the nation’s education and the future of the country’s children.




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  1. can someone please remake this video with the NWO music playing in the background?

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