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7 Best Moments From The Star Wars Episode IX Teaser Trailer

1. Rise of the Skywalker

If Star Wars Episode IX is the finale of the everlasting Skywalker storyline then this title is fitting. The entire shape of the galaxy has been defined by the Skywalker’s for generations now. If this movie is centered around their lineage specifically then I’m sold.

This title also has to make you think that the whole ‘your parents were nobodies’ line from The Last Jedi about Rey’s folks might’ve been BS and there is more to Rey’s genetics that is about to be revealed.

2. Return of Palpatine

“No one’s ever really gone” followed by the cackles of Darth Sidious. There were a lot of unanswered questions after Return of the Jedi and some of those answers were taken from us when we finally saw Supreme Leader Snoke in-person moments before Kylo Ren murked him.

We still have no idea how or why Snoke created the First Order or his relationship to the force and the origins of his knowledge of the force but the return of Palpatine can and will fill all of those blanks for us. If he was behind the scenes secretly pulling all these strings this whole time then this trilogy is going to be undefeated.

3. Kylo Ren masked up again

Kylo Ren destroying his mask last movie was genuinely disappointing. The idea that he was wearing the mask to emulate Darth Vader was genius. The idea that he was wearing the mask to shield his overall insecurities and running from his own identity is also a smart move but the destruction of his mask implies that he’s overcome those insecurities and nothing that happened in The Last Jedi should make you think he ‘discovered’ himself.

Kylo Ren finding out that Rey got away in The Force Awakens and immediately losing his temper and destroying everything in front of him was one of the best moments of these movies. Turning him back into a crybaby with anger management issues with a mask on makes him a more interesting threat to Rey and the Resistance. He just appears more threatening overall masked up.

4. More Carrie Fisher

Star Wars is the only franchise that is allowed to continue to use their iconic characters post-humously. They’re still working on the technology a bit. Gran Moff Tarkin was fucking haunting when he was CGI’d into Rogue One. Although to defend Rogue One, Gran Moff Tarkin was pretty haunting when he was alive.

Carrie Fisher won’t be in many scenes but whenever she appears on screen we’re all going to openly weep. When that Princess Leia theme song hits it’s going to be an emotional experience.

5. JJ Abrams is about to go off

Rian Johnson was put in a tough situation when he inherited The Last Jedi. Not only did he have the biggest movie legacy on his back but he had to deal with all the loose ends that JJ Abrams created in The Force Awakens.

Rian Johnson is better at telling concise clear stories over JJ Abrams’s reliance on mystery and confusion. That being said, visually, JJ Abrams is on another level than Rian. There are so many scenes in The Last Jedi that look like they belong in Attack of the Clones. Every visual in The Force Awakens is beautiful.

6. Lando SZN

[extremely Denzel Washington voice] myyyyyyyyyy nigga.

7. Rey is still the baddest bitch in the galaxy

If the entire trailer was simply Rey showing off her verticle leap that would’ve been more than enough to get butts in theatre seats. There is something about Daisy Ridley that makes her perfect for this role. She brings a level of gravity and intensity that we needed.

Luke and Anakin were incredibly whiny protagonists for a majority of their films until around their third movies when they became super serious and that’s when they were at their best. Luke showing up at the beginning of Return of the Jedi mean mugging Jabba the Hut rocking the all black everything was bad ass as hell. That’s Rey’s default setting.

She is about to save the galaxy, slice Kylo Ren into pieces and steal Finn away from Rose in 2 and a half hours. Rey is the baddest bitch in the galaxy.

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