Bernie Sanders Just Won My Vote After What He Did To Gun Girl


Kaitlin Bennett gained notoriety for being a weirdo who strapped a gun to her back on a college campus to exercise her constitutional right to be an asshole or whatever her plan was.

She’s like Tomi Lahren except instead of hating black people like Tomi, she fucks guns. Although, it’s safe to assume that Gun Girl is almost certainly racist. Look at that top lip, if you can find it. That’s a racist mouth. 11 times out of 10.

The best part of this story is that she’s using this as an opportunity to continue to feel like she is being oppressed while we all ignore her. The only people writing about this story is me and alt-right conspiracy sites that think white people are victims in this country.

Laugh out loud. You know Gun Girl was waiting for the Q&A section of the event so she can scream about why we should be allowed to have assault rifles in our hands at all times because Thomas Jefferson said so after taking a quick break from raping his slaves.

But Bernie Sanders sucks.

Pretty much everyone running for president in 2020 sucks for their own reasons but if you still can’t understand why Donald Trump is president, look at Bernie’s campaign decision to attack Hillary.

No one in the Democratic party supported Sanders and universally followed Hillary. Explain to me why this elderly 77-year old man is back to tank another election for a more promising candidate.

But if he’s going to drag Gun Girl out by her greasy hair then I’m all in on Bernie Sanders. He just won my vote. I mean, at this point I’ll vote for any candidate who doesn’t wag a finger at fellow Democrat, Ilhan Omar, and actually calls out the people threatening her life because she’s Muslim.

I am adding a new requirement: You must humiliate Kaitlin Bennett whenever the opportunity arises. Kick that weirdo out of every single building she walks into. Let her continue to feel like the victim while the rest of the Internet laughs at her demise.

Vote 4 Bernie.

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