Ben Zobrist Left The Chicago Cubs and Might Not Return This Season Because His Wife is Leaving Him

Ben Zobrist is out indefinitely. And the Cubs are preparing as if that will not change this season.

The valuable utility man, who is going through a divorce and has been away from the team since last playing May 6, has yet to speak publicly about his absence. The Cubs are ready for that absence to extend.

“I have to think that way, absolutely,” Chicago manager Joe Maddon told reporters Tuesday, according to the Chicago Sun Times, when asked if the team is thinking he will not be back this season. “I hope that’s not the case. But he’s at the point now where if he chose to come back, it’s going to take him a while to get back up to speed, too. We have to mentally be prepared that we will not have him.”

Zobrist and his wife, singer Julianna Zobrist, filed divorce papers in separate states — Ben in Tennessee, Julianna in Illinois. He reportedly alleged she “has been guilty of inappropriate marital conduct, which rendered further cohabitation impossible.” She cited “irreconcilable differences.” (NY Post)

This is hilarious. Ben Zobrist had to leave the Chicago Cubs because his wife caught him cheating and filed for divorce but the hilarious part isn’t that he needed to time off to deal with this. No, it’s hilarious because he might not come back this year.

There is nothing more fascinating to watch then a man who loses his family because he cheated and then after getting caught, has a massive mental and emotional breakdown as if HE’S the victim in all of this.

I did the same thing when I was 18 and my college girlfriend dumped me but yea, I didn’t quit my job and leave school but I for sure acted as if my world had ended even though I was openly texting any other girl that would give me attention that wasn’t my girlfriend.

Again, I was 18.

Ben Zobrist is a 38 year old grown ass man, who is refusing to go back to work because he’s sad that his wife didn’t like him banging other women and his feelings are currently hurting so much so that he can’t play sports ever again.

We live in a world where Addison Russell is playing right now for the Cubs even though he terrorizing his wife and consistently hurting her and their child meanwhile Zobrist can’t emotionally gather himself because his wife is leaving his texts on read.



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