Ben Shapiro’s Voice Sounds Exactly The Way He Looks

Ben Shapiro getting dunked on is my favorite movie. He is one of the conservative ‘free thinkers’ that have been birthed from the Internet who have no idea how to form all of those ‘free thoughts’ when actually confronted with an opportunity to debate those ideas.

He also looks like he collects comic books. Doesn’t read any of them. Never touches them because that would ruin their value. Nope, he buys them at auctions and keeps them in plastic forever.

He also looks like he eats boogers. Like openly. Sitting on the subway just snacking on boogers.

Turns out, his voice matches his tiny premature looking frame. That is the voice of a man shouting for help when the jocks stuff him in his locker and take his lunch money.

It should also be pointed out that Andrew Neil is a known conservative who has worked directly for Rupert Murdoch so Ben Shapiro whining about Neil being on the left is exactly why internet weirdos should just stay on the internet.

And real quick, if you are in favor of these new abortion laws then you should never have a microphone in your face ever. You should probably be launched into a volcano.

Get Ben Shapiro’s ‘MY TAXES PAY YOUR SALARY, SIR’ ass Chicken Little voice out of here. He sounds like Dave Chappelle doing a corny white guy voice. He sounds like he should be wearing a spinning bowtie.

BOOOOOOO this tiny dicked dweeb.


Written by TheLesterLee

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