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Ben McAdoo Throws Eli Manning Under the Bus After Embarrassing Monday Night Football Loss

“Sloppy Quarterback Play”. Get the fuuuuck out of here with that nonsense, Ben McAdoo. I am completely done with all Eli Manning slander after watching him play his heart out last night while the offense around him was full of bums and guys who should be outside Stop N Shop gathering up all of the shopping carts.

Nope, we are off the narrative that Eli Manning isn’t good enough. With Odell Beckham hurt, Manning is the only talented player on the offensive side of the ball. I love Evan Engram but he’s an extremely incomplete player. It’s Eli Manning vs. 11 defenders and he fought the entire time.

Eli was almost murdered on every single play and he’s still out there slinging it to receivers who can’t get open. Brandon Marshall might be the worst wide receiver I’ve ever seen. At what point do you want to learn the playbook, Brandon? You’ve been in the NFL for a over a decade, why are you still closing your eyes and flinching when the ball is thrown to you? I was doing that shit in 3rd grade. Clearly, I did not make it to the pros with that behavior.

Get Ben McAdoo and his awful playcalling the fuck out of here. Eli Manning is the only player offensively that you can’t blame.



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