Ben McAdoo Thinks Geno Smith Can Be Heir To Eli Manning

Speaking at the NFL owners meetings Tuesday, Giants coach Ben McAdoo said he still believes something substantial can come from the recent marriage.

“I can’t see why not,” McAdoo said when asked about Smith being the Giants’ long-term replacement for Manning, before conceding they’re a long way from that happening.

(Bleacher Report)


Well, this is the worst news I’ve ever received. I tried to ignore the fact that the Giants even signed Geno Smith but now the fact that they’re genuinely considering him to be the long term solution for an inevitable Eli Manning retirement is stress inducing to say the least.

Geno Smith is bad at football. He has a career record of 12 wins to 18 losses and nearly ten more interceptions than touchdown passes. Eli Manning is a two-time Super Bowl MVP. How Geno Smith is a viable replacement is absolutely head-scratching to say the least.

If Geno becomes the quarterback post-Eli, I may have to boycott this team until they figure their shit out. The good news is that Eli Manning has yet to even mention retiring so hopefully a 6th string linebacker will break Geno’s jaw again and we can pretend like this never happened. Fingers crossed.




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