Ben McAdoo Interviewing To Become Cleveland Browns Offensive Coordinator Is The Most Hilarious Thing Ever

HAHAHAHAHA. Sooo it appears as though the Cleveland Browns are fully invested in never winning football games as they are interviewing one of the worst head coaches in recent memory. How many terrible decisions do the Cleveland Browns intend on making?

As the team currently stands, there are zero quarterbacks present on the roster. DeShone Kizer is not a quarterback. He is a barista with CTE and access to the Browns facilities. It would seem as though they are going to draft Josh Allen, a player whose entire ‘highlight reel’ is how great his ‘form’ is as he throws interception after interception. A Cleveland Brown-Type, if you will.

McAdoo has zero experience grooming a young quarterback. He inherited Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay and Eli Manning, the goat, in New York. He thought he could make Geno Smith a thing but it turns out, Geno Smith is just Geno Smith, if you can imagine.

Ben McAdoo ran the offense for the Giants last season. The Giants were 31st in the NFL in points. Can you guess what was that last NFL team ranked 32nd in points? CORRECT. It was the Cleveland Browns. So in signing McAdoo, the Browns intend to move up from the worst team offensively to the second worst. But hey, improvement is improvement. At that pace, they will have the best offense by 2048. Write them into that Super Bowl right now.

This is my favorite part of the Hue Jackson in Cleveland era. He has 1 win and 31 losses as the Browns head coach and he’s managed to point the finger at literally everyone but himself. He is the ultimate embodiment of the fake it til you make it model of success. Minus the success part, of course.

I really hope the Browns sign McAdoo. I want/need to see them on the sidelines staring and shrugging at each on 3rd down when neither of them knows what play to run and they’re both thinking about what they’re going to search on Pornhub when they get home.

Long Live Ben McAdoo.





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