Beauty Pageant Finalist Arrested After Setting Her Roommate’s Bed on Fire

A beauty pageant contestant is facing first-degree arson charges after setting her roommate’s bed alight during an argument.

Christen McAllister was arrested after police were called to the 300 block of Armstrong street at The Retreat, an off-campus housing community for the University of Louisville’s Belknap Campus.

McAllister, 22, was a Top 5 finalist in the Miss Kentucky USA pageant last month. 

The Louisville Metro Arson Bureau said the fire began around 12:15am on February 18, according to Wave 3.

Authorities say McAllister admitted to setting the mattress on fire while two roommates were inside the home after she and her roommate got in an argument.
(Daily Mail)


The only thing I can picture is that scene in The Social Network when Andrew Garfield’s crazy girlfriend comes to see him when he gets back from Silicon Valley and lights his dorm on fire. And by that I mean this argument is definitely the result of something that happened on Facebook.

I was going to try to defend my girl, Christen McAllister, but like, not cool to ignite the house while there were two other roommates inside chilling. Now, if all of the suite mates are out at the bar and Christen gets into an argument with one of them and then decides to run back to the house and light a bed on fire, I’m totally okay with that.

But you can’t have innocent bystanders in the house. Most house fire causalities are not from the actual flames but from suffocation due to smoke and carbon monoxide. Bet you didn’t click the article about a beauty queen expecting to get some knowledge about house fires. Welcome to Deadseriousness motherfucker.





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