Barstool Sports Was Called Out For Racism Soooo Naturally They All Attacked a Black Woman

Barstool Sports is a site that prepares young white teens for a future of mediocrity and zero accountability. The site is full of blogs that are completely unreadable and that’s coming from someone who refuses to proofread my own articles.

It’s standard lazy know-nothing confidently ignorant white guy humor. The joke is they don’t know anything, get it???

They are nowhere near clever enough to pull off the ‘edgy’ humor that they often toe the line of. Cum Town works because it’s three comedians being assholes. Funny assholes. [insert name of Barstool podcast] doesn’t work because they’re not comedians or clever or funny but they are certainly assholes.

I should mention that I have no problems with them existing. They’re corny. It’s not for me. That is totally fine. Every website does not need to serve me.

Earlier this week, a video resurfaced of Dave Portnoy and the boys mocking Colin Kaepernick kneeling and joking that they thought it was an ISIS related terrorist threat because Kaepernick has ‘Arab skin’ or whatever.

Again, very lazy joke. ISIS was in the news at the time and Portnoy being the mediocre man he is, pounced at the least clever joke he could. Not the end of the world and certainly not the first or last time Barstool has/will say something dumb.

But Jemele Hill quote tweeted the video and Barstool did what it does best: racism and/or sexism.

Needless to say, Jemele Hill was instantly attacked by Barstool and their super cool and normal fans. They dug up an old tweet and #CancelJemele has been trending for 24 hours.

Someone tweeted something insensitive in 20fucking09 and Barstool fans pretended like this was a big deal to prove she is some hypocrite. GOTTTTTT EMMMM.

Again, I typically don’t pay attention to Barstool because they’ve made it very clear over the years that their content is not for me or people who look like me and they have no desire to change that. But in the current moment we are living in, it’s impossible for me not to point out how much it makes my stomach hurt to see Barstool sending their hive of junior Aubrey Huff’s to attack Jemele Hill.

She was obviously not the only person to comment on the Colin Kaepernick video that was trending and she certainly wasn’t the only blue checkmark to talk shit about Portnoy but it is no surprise that Jemele Hill was forced to take a hit for absolutely no reason.

If you’re being accused of being racist, maybe don’t immediately target a black woman. But I suppose they are following the lead of our police who are meeting police brutality protests with the most police brutality possible.

Portnoy went on a rant about how he can’t be canceled while Jemele apologized and said she’s learned since her tweet from 11 fucking years ago. [sarcastic font] It’s tough to decide which one handled this better.

I don’t think anyone should be ‘canceled’ for bad jokes especially jokes from previous election cycles.

But if you see a video from a website you like where they make fun of Kapernick by calling him a terrorist and your reaction is to defend them at all costs then you are quite literally the least important person on Earth.

If it personally enraged you so much that Jemele Hill criticized your middling white saviors then who do you think is the ‘snowflake’ here is in this situation?

The people who are like ‘I’d prefer if people weren’t racist’ or you, who is like ‘NO BLACK WOMAN BETTER CHALLENGE MY DADDY PORTNOY AND I WILL SEARCH WORDS LIKE ‘TRANNY’ IN YOUR OLD TWEETS UNTIL YOU DIE’.

Please return to drinking White Claws at crowded beaches during a global pandemic and log off.


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