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Guy Arrested For Calling a Bomb Threat Into a Restaurant So He Didn’t Have To Pay The Bill

A Pittsburgh man is facing charges after police say he made up a bomb threat to try to get out of paying his bill at Primanti Brothers.

Barry Clapperton, 40, is charged with threats to use weapons of mass destruction, public drunkenness, false identification to police, terroristic threats and escape.

Police said they heard Clapperton call in a bomb threat to Nakama, a restaurant a few blocks down the street.

“His tab is paid. They get ready to let him go and the bomb threat comes in and he takes off!,” Gray said.

Police and witnesses said it didn’t end there. They allege Clapperton ran out of Primantis, across the street and down 19th Street, eventually getting to a point right in front of dumpsters, where police shocked him with a stun gun and arrested him.

Police said Clapperton told officers his friend advised him to call in the bomb threat to create a distraction.



The shocking part of this story is that this doesn’t happen more often. I genuinely disappointed in myself for not thinking of this plan myself. I mean even if I thought about it, I wouldn’t have the balls of Barry Clapperton to actually pull it off.

You cannot knock the hustle of Barry Clapperton. Problem is, you can’t get caught on the phone literally making the phone call. You realllyyy just can’t have the table next to you like ‘uh, I’m pretty sure this guy is calling a bomb threat. I can pay his bill if he’s trying to sneak out but yea, this guy is right here in his booth making a fake bomb threat so yea’.

Next time you’re on a date and you think you’re running up the bill too much, simply step outside for a brief sec and call in a bomb threat and keep it moving. How to get laid 101.



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