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Woman in a Love Triangle Reacts Normally By Smashing Car Windows With a Shovel

“I prayed about it first, and I slept on it, and I decided it wasn’t a good idea. Then I saw a shovel,” Barbara Lowery said.

But she wouldn’t say what made her do it. A source that chose to remain anonymous tells us, this was a love triangle situation gone wrong. Really wrong.

“I did not have to, just wanted to,” Lowery said.

“It’s not every day you see something like that,” said the person filming.

Some might say maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats. In fact, our source tells us the person this happened to was not cheating and the two were just friends, or so he thought.

“Well I’m not trying to give his personal business out like that,” said Lowery.

“She’s having fun, she’s dancing,” said the person while filming the scene.

“I already knew going into it that I would have to face some consequences, and you know it kind of sucks, but like I said I prayed about it and stuff, and I did it anyway,” Lowery said.

ABC 33/40’s Andrew Donley asked, “If you had to go back and do it again would you have changed anything would you have still done it?”

Lowery said, “I don’t think enough time has lapsed for me to answer that question.”



I think my favorite part of this story is the ‘source’ that told this reporter about the love triangle in no specific detail. First, love that the source didn’t reveal their real name. If this chick is running around with a shovel destroying cars in public busy parking lots in broad daylight, there is no doubt she will come to your front door and drag you out of your home for snitching.

Second, I love that the source said it was a love triangle but then said that the person wasn’t cheating and that the two were just friends which means one thing and one thing only: the source is 1000% Barbara Lowery’s boyfriend. ‘Trust me, the guy was totally just friends with the other girl.’

Shout out to this girl for reacting totally normal and not overreacting in any way.



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