Lamar Jackson Needs Good Receivers

Guys, Lamar Jackson is having a tough time out there and the Baltimore Ravens are going out of their way to make it more difficult for him.


So this story kind of flew under the radar but the Baltimore Ravens cut Michael Crabtree this week. Now, Crabtree was for sure a disappointment last season but he was still second on the team in catches, receiving yards and touchdowns.

He also played every single game last season and in the NFL, that’s a massive value. I get that his career his career has been a huge disappointment up to this point and I also understand that 54 catches out of 100 targets is disgusting but if he’s getting all those targets, some might say that Lamar Jackson enjoys throwing to him or at least in his direction.

Michael Crabtree isn’t the outside threat that’s going to break the passing game wide open for Lamar but I’m not entirely confident that the Ravens front office will even attempt to replace him.

Personally, I think Baltimore should go after a guy like Golden Tate in free agency. He’s a possession receiver whose best skill is his ability to get yards after the catch which means he can bail Lamar out and help extend plays and drives for him.

Plus, signing Golden Tate won’t break the bank for Baltimore. Although, they’re now swimming with new money they haven’t had in years after tricking John Elway into swallowing Joe Flacco’s stupid contract so who knows?

The Ravens cannot just go into this season with the same receivers they had last year minus Michael Crabtree and expect Lamar Jackson to suddenly take the next step. No receiver had more than 715 yards and no one had more than 5 touchdowns. It’s a group of backups in need of a No. 1.

Pray for Lamar Jackson. He’s going to end up having to throw to like, me and my bitch ass is not catching any ball thrown over the middle. Or any ball thrown at me at all.

sidenote: remember when Aqib Talib snatched Michael Crabtree’s chain. TWICE? HAHAHAHAHAHA. Yea, you cut that guy every single time.


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