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Baltimore Orioles Are Batting Chris Davis Leadoff and He’s Hitting 1-for-15 With a .067 Average

Chris Davis is one of my favorite players in the Majors. If you know me at all then you know I’m a sucker for gigantic lefty first baseman that exclusively pull the ball into the parking lot. I need to make that clear before I proceed to shit all over him.

Prior to Monday night’s game against the Houston Astros, Crush Davis was leading off for the Orioles and was 0-for-11 before getting his first hit. He is now 1-for-15 which is less than ideal.

Here’s what Davis has to say about his production thus far:

“Not a lot of production”

I agree, Crush.

There seems to be a clear consensus amongst all Orioles writers that batting Davis first is somehow a great idea even though he has no idea how to hit a baseball right now. In theory, I understand why it’s happening but in actuality, it’s clearly not working out.

The belief is that when Davis is batting clean up, he presses too much at the plate, pulls the ball directly into the shift and/or strikes out too much. So by batting him leadoff, he has no pressure. There is no one on base and he can just focus on putting the ball in play.

The problem with that plan is that he’s only leading off once at the beginning of the game and for the remainder of the game, he could come up with runners on base if the 8th and 9th hitters get on so you’re not avoiding the inevitability that he’ll come up with runners on base but instead, by batting him leadoff, you’re giving him even MORE at-bats to strike out as the leadoff hitter over the course of the season ends up with substantially more at-bats than the cleanup hitter.


” I think it’s a good spot for me,” Davis said. “I think it’s a good spot for our entire lineup for me to be at the top. At some point, we’ll all start clicking and get rolling. Really, honestly, it’s just a spot in the lineup. I think when our offense gets going, it doesn’t matter who’s hitting what. We have power from top to bottom, we can get on base, we can drive in runs. We’ve just got to take a deep breath and stay after it.”

(Baltimore Sun)


Someone please tell Crush that he only has 1 hit in 18 plate appearances. “I think it’s a good spot for me”. When, Chris?




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