Babysitter Holds Kids Hostage Because They Drank All of Her Vodka

HOOPER — A babysitter in Hooper was arrested Saturday after a bizarre incident in which police allege she held the individuals she was watching against their will for drinking her vodka.

According to the Weber County Sheriff’s Office, Brittani Robinson, 30, was arrested on suspicion of unlawful detention, threats of violence, robbery, intoxication, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Police said Robinson was watching her 15- and 17-year-old nephews and the two nephews invited over friends, where police allege Robinson supplied the group with beer and vodka.

Officials said later in the evening, Robinson noticed that the group had consumed all of her vodka and confronted the teens, “threatening to shoot and kill them.”

Officials allege that Robinson then ordered four of the teens into a garage, where she continued to threaten to assault them if they didn’t pay her back for the vodka.

“She told them they couldn’t leave and they were now her slaves for drinking all of the alcohol,” according to a press release.

Officials said she then forced the teen to take out their wallets and give her all their money or she would “break their faces.”



This is just babysitting 101. You have to establish dominance or these kids are going to just walk all over you and drink all your alcohol. I’m not quite sure why 30-year old Brittani Robinson was even arrested. What else was she supposed to do when she gave these kids beer and vodka and then those savages drank all of the beer and vodka?

Our teenage years are some of the most important years of our life. It helped mold us into the humans we are today. There’s nothing like a casual hostage situation to make you start taking your Geometry homework seriously. If anything, this babysitter helped provide the crucible in which these boys would become men.

Also you have to love threatening to ‘break their faces’. I’d like to think that that was the moment these kids realized that their drunk aunt was no longer fucking around and they were going to have to break through a window in order to find shelter.


Sidenote: Perhaps your 17-year old is a little too mature for a babysitter but if you are going to give him a babysitter, maybe not 30-year old Aunt Brittani with the drinking problem and the anger issues.


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