Awwww Josh Donaldson Has To DH Because His Widdle Baby Arm is Tired Awwwww

The Toronto Blue Jays will give Josh Donaldson the next few days off defensively as he tries to strengthen his right shoulder.

Manager John Gibbons said Friday that Donaldson will serve as the club’s designated hitter for the next few games, and until his throwing shoulder improves. Yangervis Solarte will slide in at third base, while Kendrys Morales will move to the bench. Gibbons acknowledged that Morales could also play some first base in order to get his bat in the lineup.

“What we’re probably going to do, we’ll have to DH him (Donaldson) until he’s ready to go, but structurally, they think everything is fine,” Gibbons told MLB Network Radio on Friday. “Hopefully Josh gets back on track quickly.”

Donaldson struggled throwing the ball across the diamond to first base on numerous occasions during Thursday’s opener, but said after he wasn’t dealing with any pain.

“Some days (the shoulder) would feel really good and the next day, maybe I’m overworking it sometimes,” Donaldson said, according to Shi Davidi of Sportsnet. “So it’s a thing I’m trying to be cautious with – knowing when to push it and when not to.”



AWWwwwwWwWwW poor little Josh Donaldson has a tired arm awwwWWwww. Was Spring Training too difficult for you, Josh? Do you need a break from playing ONE baseball game this regular season?

Every so often I wrote an article about Josh Donaldson being a little bitch and someone asks me why I’m so hard on him. I honestly have to take a step back and think to myself ‘wait, wow. Why am I being such a dick to this guy? Why did write articles titled: I Have To Make Fun of Josh Donaldson’s IG With His Lame Girlfriend and His Stupid Dog? and Josh Donaldson’s Pussy Ass Glove Destroyed By a Line Drive? What did he ever do to me?

But then a story like this comes out. Donaldson has to DH because he has a ‘dead arm’ as if he just threw a complete game shutout the night before. Noah Syndergaard is throwing 200mph as hard as he can 99 times a game and he’s never once said ‘coach, my arm is tired’.





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