Aw Yea: DJ Khalid Can’t Flip, Spare a Crumb & William’s Corset

Aw Yea is a weekly series discussing new music releases, music news, and just cool and or/random music nonsense I feel like writing about.

DJ Khalid Releases Khalid Khalid

Am I on an island for thinking that DJ Khalid has never put out a good album ever? Obviously there are plenty of singles and bangers that start with “WE THE BADDEST” but when it comes to a complete body of work, DJ Khalid thinks he can get the best rappers on a track together for a posse cut and just assumes it’ll be fire.

The beats on Khalid Khalid are distracting as hell. Motherfucker flips so many great songs and turns them into nonsense beats. It’s almost as if DJ Khalid invested in WhoSampled.Com and went out of his way to make beats to drive-up traffic.

Cardi song goes crazy though.

Crumb Releases Ice Melt

Crumb is one of the best indie bands and this past Friday, they released their sophomore album Ice Melt. Go listen to that shit. We all need some psychedelic acid jazz to get us through these trying times today.

Maybe I’ll do a full album review like I sort of did for their first album, Jinx. Probably not though. I’m a busy cat and I hate this website so much. *hair toss emoji*


Billie Eilish Covers Vogue

aw yea

I don’t have much to say about this teenager changing clothes. Billie Eilish wearing revealing clothes was a big deal because she typically dresses in baggy clothes to avoid drawing attention to her body. I still do not care about her body. Nor should you, weirdo.

Aw yea.

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