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Aw, Aw Yea: J Cole (And Friends), Si Clairo, and Madlib the Bad Kid

J Cole, EARTHGANG, Smino and Saba – Sacrifices

Posse Cuts can either be clumsy as hell with too many rappers on a generic beat with none of them really saying anything important and the track being entirely too long.

Return of the Dreamers 3 is 18 posse cut tracks with the likes on Kendrick Lamar, Vince Staples and DaBaby featured but the final track, Sacrifices, is the peak.

Johnny Venus of EARTHGANG skates all over this beat before Smino brings his calm in and Saba provides his unique flow. Oh, J Cole does his thing too or whatever.

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib ft. Pusha T and Killer MIKE – Palmolive

Madlib was the first producer I heard that made me stop a song and replay it from the top because of how wild and unique the beat was. Actually, he’s probably the only producer that’s done that.

Freddie Gibbs and Madlib dropped Bandana in the beginning of the summer. Now I’m showing up to the BBQ in timbs and I’m taking your wallet. Don’t blame me. Blame Freddie Gibbs.

Clairo – Closer To You

Sad Girl Summer presented to you by Clairo, the girl who sings sad poppy songs in her bedroom who just discovered autotune. Is this Clairo’s 808s & Heartbreak??

MIKE – Suffocate

MIKE is a Bronx rapper who Earl Sweatshirt took under his wing (and stole his whole sound on his last album). MIKE songs don’t typically last longer than 2 minutes. There aren’t repeated hooks for no reason. No wasted nonsense bars.

Crumb – Fall Down

Fall down, say a prayer
Fall down, say a prayer

Fall down, say a prayer

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