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Avengers Infinity War is Probably Going To Suck

Sooo I waited my entire life for that trailer and I am very unimpressed. As a little kid smashing action figures together, this is the movie I’ve always wanted. Every Marvel superhero vs. Thanos. Yes. Go ahead and inject that directly into my neck.

But this trailer left a lot to be desired. First of all, get Scarlet Witch and Vision the fuck up out of here. I love them as tertiary characters in the background because they’re costumes are colorful and they are sneaky way more powerful than everyone else in the Avengers. Also a nice tool to have Vision who can literally do anything.

But if you think I want a romance story between two characters that have barely spoken in any of the movies, placed directly in the center of my story about Thanos destroying the world, you are wrong. I don’t even really know what Scarlet Witch’s powers actually are. Pass.

I get the strange feeling that The Winter Soldier and The Falcon are going to get more screen time than Spider-Man and Thor and that makes me way sadder than it should. I mean, I don’t even think Thor is in this movie after the first 5 minutes.

Give me more scenes of Thanos punching Iron Man in the face. Give me the heroes that I grew up with. Thanos vs. Captain America, please. Scarlett Johansson for sure makes more money per movie than Tom Holland but yea, I came here for Spider-Man, not some chick who is like, pretty decent at mixed martial arts.

Marvel is known for having a villain problem and then they spit out Thanos who is just evil because(??).

Avengers Infinity War is probably going to suck anddd I’m going to see it no less than 10 times in the opening weekend.



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