Avengers Infinity War Cut Out 30 Minutes of Thanos Footage and I Need To See Those 30 Minutes Immediately

What Happened?

Collider‘s Jon Schnepp moderated a panel at Las Vegas Comic Con that hosted Thanos creator Jim Starlin. During the panel, Starlin apparently revealed some major details about Avengers: Infinity War. The comic creator said that there is an extra 30 minutes of Thanos footage from Infinity War that was cut. The scenes reportedly are primarily of Thanos’ backstory. If his info is correct, fans will be able to see all of the footage as part of a special/extended cut of Infinity War that is going to be released.



Thanos was the best part of Infinity War and it’s not even close. That first scene where he two-pieces The Hulk into submission was an instant adrenaline rush that I rode all the way through to the point where I was like ‘YESSS THROW GAMORA OFF THAT CLIFF. GO OFF, KING”.

You’re telling me they cut 30 minutes of his dominance? For what? Make Avengers 3 hours long. I’m watching it. I didn’t pay $42 for a small popcorn to not see all of the Thanos footage possible. Don’t cheat me.

Let’s be real, Thanos’s backstory and motivations were a little clunky. His people essentially went extinct because they were overpopulated and didn’t have enough resources for everyone so he dedicated his life to finding all of the Infinity Stones so that he could save life in the universe by murdering half of the universe.

That was a really dumb thing I just wrote. If there were 30 more minutes that explained that further then I’m going to need that asap.

Call me crazy, but if you have the ability to destroy life with the snap of a finger then you probably also have the power to like, make it rain bread and/or Gatorade. Oh, there aren’t enough resources? Cool. I can alter reality. *finger snap* Organisms no longer need food for sustenance. Problem solved.

But most importantly, if there are 30 minutes of Thanos punching Iron Man in his dumb face then just go ahead and inject that directly into my veins. Thanks.




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