Avengers 4 Might Have a Villain Even Bigger Than Thanos

What Happened?

Comic Book Movie reports that “Avengers 4 merchandise leaked online featuring a look at Thor and Rocket decked out in brand new costumes,” as well as a description of the tie-in. It reads, “The Asgardian Thor wields the mighty Stormbreaker in his battle against new foes,” and, “Rocket teams up with a new crew to guard the galaxy from an even greater threat.”



*screams at top of lungs* WIIIIIIILD SPECULATION TIME.


We all kind of just assumed that our remaining heroes would rally from some inspiring speech by Captain America and the Avengers would defeat Thanos and all of the dead Avengers would return and then we hug our families.

But what if the revenge movie we are expecting to happen does not occur?

Rumors are now swirling that Thanos might have to actually team up with The Avengers to help beat this new threat which, in a way, would explain why Thanos was pretty much the main character in Infinity War.

We now know enough about him and can garner some level of empathy for him when he comes back with his tail between his legs when a bigger threat emerges.

This is probably the best way to wrap this story up.

Running back a Thanos vs. Avengers fight with the only difference being Captain Marvel’s inclusion doesn’t really equal a compelling story but throw in the wrench of Thanos and the Avengers having to team up and we’ve got an instant classic coming.

I’m not very good at predictions. If it were up to me, Cate Blanchett from Thor Ragnorak would be back. Also, she would play every role herself. But some people say that with rumors of the Avengers 4 title being ‘Annihilation’ that maybe Annihilus will be the big bad.

Annihilus is a Fantastic Four character which means he’s owned by Fox but Fox also owns the Skrulls and they will be all over Captain Marvel so clearly Marvel and Fox have struck some sort of deal and it could include Annihilus.

There is also another idea floating around that we didn’t see Red Skull in Infinity War for some reason. He may be back in a larger capacity and he may bring in some of the other Marvel villains from previous movies to bookend all of these MCU movies.

Regardless of who the villain of Avengers 4 is, I just need Thanos to punch Iron Man directly in the face again. That was very important to me.





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