Attention ALL White People, No, You Cannot Say The N-Word

“Can I say the n-word?” The answer is always no. Jasmine Barkley went on Snapchat and Instagram to ask her predominantly white followers if she can say ‘nigga’ and then proceeded to say ‘nigga’ as many times as she could before the video ended.

I just want to take a moment and say that regardless of your intentions, whether you are repeating lyrics from a rap song or you’re calling out to a friend, if your skin is white and especially if you’re in a sorority surrounded by other privileged blonde chicks, you cannot say the n-word.

White people in 2018 are on a mission to proclaim themselves victims. ‘Waaaaah why can’t we say a word if YOU get to say that word? It’s not fair. Life isn’t fair for US’ It’s so hard being white. You can’t say the n-word when you’re listening to that new Blockboy JB. WTF.

Also, fuck Lil Dicky for making that song Freaky Friday where he switches places with Chris Brown and the first thing he does is say the n-word over and over again as if he had waited his entire life for that opportunity. And now, his super mega ultra mayonnaise white fans are singing his song and hitting the n-word like it’s the slave days again.

Dear Jasmine Barkley, you can enjoy rap music without feeling entitled to the full experience of saying every lyric. You also don’t need to pretend like you need rap music as an excuse to be racist.

I will say, you for sure do not need to record yourself in the midst of that racism but again, you are a white person so there are no real consequences to your actions. By the time I finish writing this, there will be a frat guy in blackface who doesn’t understand why we get black skin and he doesn’t get to pretend for a party or a white store manager who kicks out a black person for no reason.

Yea, it’s hard out here for white people.

Stop saying the n-word, plz.




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Written by TheLesterLee

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