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Apparently The Atlanta Hawks Offered FOUR First Round Picks to Indiana For Paul George At The Trade Deadline

The Indiana Pacers reportedly could have jump-started a potential rebuilding effort this season if they accepted the Atlanta Hawks’ offer of four first-round picks in exchange for Paul George.

Brian Windhorst of reported Thursday that Atlanta was one of a number of teams that made an offer for George before February’s trade deadline, offering a head-turning four first-rounders.

(Bleacher Report)

So many thoughts going through my mind after reading this and before I shit all over the Hawks for attempting to trade away their entire future for Paul George, who is a free agent in 2018 which means you’d only be renting him for a season and a half, I have to question why this move was turned down by Indiana.

If you’re the Pacers then this is the perfect move. You know George isn’t going to resign there and even if he does, who cares? You’re not closer to a ring by overpaying George. You’d be the 7th seed every season until LeBron decides to stop holding your head underwater.

Free agents aren’t desperately trying to get to Indiana.1 The only way you can build a team is by drafting young inexpensive talent and Atlanta was offering a bajillion picks. Pull the trigger.

The Hawks would for sure be a more interesting team with Paul George wearing a uniform. I mean, he and Paul Millsap would become the most boring duo in the NBA. They’d make David Robinson and Tim Duncan look like they have the charisma of Shaq and Penny.

Paul George was at his best when he played with a rim protector like Roy Hibbert. Team him up with Dwight Howard and who knows what could’ve happened.2 My only problem is that this move would’ve definitely taken minutes away from the gawd, Mike Dunleavy, so it’s best that it didn’t actually go down.





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  1. Except for Monta Ellis I guess.
  2. A lot of second round playoff exits.

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