Asuka Deserves Better

We’re about a week away from Wrestlemania 35. An event that will have the first even women’s main event match. A triple threat match for the Raw Women’s Title. We should all be rejoicing the progress that professional wrestling has made.

And this isn’t some cheap gimmick to capitalize off of a social or political moment. No, the WWF made a conscious effort to legitimize women’s wrestling by allowing these women to actually have full-length matches and real storytelling.

Long gone are the days where we’d see Torrie Wilson vs. Stacy Keibler in a bra and panties match where the objective was to strip the other woman down to her underwear. I don’t totally remember how those matches played out but I vaguely recall pillows being involved. That was dumb and bad and dumb.

Fast forward to 2019 and the women are truly out here doing the damn thing.

Becky Lynch is the biggest wrestler of 2019 and there isn’t a man on the roster that comes even close to what she accomplished this year. She may not have a title around her waist but everything in the women’s division has revolved around Becky Lynch this year.

Ronda Rousey is one of the most recognizable athletes in the world and although I have complicated feelings about her push, it makes the most sense business wise for the WWF and she appears to be at least trying.

Charlotte Flair is the prodigal son whose entire life has prepared her for a Wrestlemania main event. She was created for this moment. This women’s revolution would be a dud without her inclusion.

But what happened on Tuesday night’s Smackdown was truly disgusting.

What the fuck just happened?

We are a week away from Wrestlemania and they sent Charlotte to go in and steal the title from Asuka, who is the most dominant female wrestler in the company.

My guess is that Charlotte and Ronda put both titles on the line because WWF wants to give Becky Lynch a massive Wrestlemania moment that ends with her standing on the top turnbuckle celebrating with two championship belts over her head.


But why not include Asuka into this main event instead of snatching her title the week before and excluding her from the night entirely? Not only is Asuka no longer the champion but homegirl doesn’t even have a match on the Wrestlemania card right now.

Asuka went undefeated for two years. From the moment she debuted, she was above and beyond the best woman in the company and while WWF pretended to push her, they were just biding their time for this Charlotte vs. Ronda matchup no one asked for.

I’ve praised Asuka in the past for having the most unique image and wrestling style. She is such a phenomenal performer that her inability to speak English doesn’t hinder her ability to tell a story in the ring. If anything, it enhances it. We are forced to look for nuance and she delivers every single time.

What a legend.

And the WWF embarrassed her to put over Charlotte Flair. There’s something very ironic about praising the company for being so progressive and having the first women’s main event while simultaneously disrespecting one of the women who helped carry this division like Atlas.

I don’t want to stand on a soapbox and preach about race relations because at the end of the day, this is professional wrestling, an industry built on exploiting obvious racial stereotypes but like, this is racism yo.

Before I go any further let me just drop this here:

On a podcast a few years back, long time ring announcer, Jim Ross, told a story about how he had to convince Vince McMahon to hire Asian wrestler Gail Kim and he did so by explaining to Vince the popularity of Asian porn.

I’m not sure if that’s more racist or more sexist but the point is, we’re dealing with a man who wouldn’t hire an Asian woman until he was informed that men enjoy fapping to them.

I do not want to hear that they couldn’t figure out what to do with Asuka because she can’t speak English.

How to get a Japanese woman over:

  1. Let her continue to just speak Japanese and get her point across through her emotions and physical acting.
  2. Hire that woman that rolls around with Marie Kondo to translate her
  3. Trust that Becky or whomever is against her can handle doing a lot of the heavy lifting.

I mean shit, Brock Lesnar has been the World Champion for what feels like forever. He’s NEVER there. Yet somehow, they keep the title on him and manage to work around the fact that their world champion is literally at home snacking on HGH gummy worms.

You really can’t work around a fucking language barrior?

Unfortunately for Asuka, being the best women’s wrestler in the world isn’t enough to get you into the first female Wrestlemania main event. You have to be blonde and your dad needs to be best friends with Triple H.

Oh, or you have to get your ass beat so badly in a UFC match that you quit the sport entirely and run to professional wrestling.

OH, or Nia Jax has to accidentally break your nose and inadvertently turn you into the female Stone Cold. Being exceptionally gifted and putting in the work for over a decade doesn’t mean shit.

Ouch. Feel you.

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