Assistant Principal Arrested For Banging The Little Boy That She Was ‘Mentoring’

What Happened?

An assistant high school principal in Missouri allegedly had sex with a 16-year-old student whose family considered her to be a mentor for the teen, making sure “he got on the right path,” according to the boy’s father.

Elizabeth Giesler, 39, was charged Friday with felony sexual contact with a student, felony second-degree statutory sodomy and second-degree statutory rape after the alleged encounters with the student as she worked as the assistant principal at Ste. Genevieve High School, the Daily Journal reports.

The student told a Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper that Giesler performed a sex act on him at her home in Ste. Genevieve County last month. They also had sex on two other occasions at her home between April and earlier this month, the student told investigators.

The father of the ninth-grader told KTVI that his son had known Giesler since sixth grade, adding that the family thought of her as a trusted adviser of sorts, someone whose tutelage would help the teen’s academic and athletic career.

(NY Post)


“Second-degree sodomy” Yo, Elizabeth Giesler is a FREAK.


Why Does This Matter?

We can’t have our trusted administrators seducing our children in 7th grade and waiting two years before finally sinking their sadistic perverted claws into the youth. Won’t someone think of the children?

Thank god this student ran to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, a world renown organization, to snitch on his teacher for banging him so hard. You know homegirl was throwing it down so masterfully that this kid needed to tell the authorities on her.

That’s the type of relationship I’m looking for. If any woman wants to ‘mentor’ me for three years and then hump me so hard that my only course of action is to call up the local police precinct and file a report on the assault that took place on my genitals. My god.

Shame on Mrs. Giesler for turning into a dominatrix on this poor little boy who was 1000% not ready for that type of loving. Imagine losing your virginity to a woman who pulls a butt plug and a blindfold out of her top drawer.

Let’s go ahead and lock this woman up for the rest of time.



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