Bride Tries To Poison Arranged Husband, Accidentally Murders 13 People Instead

A Pakistani woman has been arrested after a plot to murder her husband with a poisoned glass of milk led to the death of 13 family members.

The woman’s mother-in-law used the tainted milk to make lassi, according to police, after her husband refused the glass. A total of 27 people, including several children, suffered poisoning from the yoghurt-based drink.

Police in Muzaffargarh, a city in south Punjab, say that Asiya concocted the plot to “avenge” being married against her wishes two months ago.



Dating. Is. Hard. I’d like to consider myself a pretty stubborn cat. The only reason that Deadseriousness exists is that I can’t handle having a boss telling me what to do/write. If I want to write about Kendall Jenner eating candy apples courtside at Staples Arena, then damn it, I’m going to to do.

But my homegirl, Asiya, took her hate of authority to a whole new level by poisoning the neighborhood just to stick it to her husband and her family for forcing her into an arranged marriage. Not a huge fan of the fact that several children were involved but like, you have to crack a few eggs to poison your husband.

I won’t pretend to understand the culture or what it feels like to be married against your will but like, I have accidentally tripped into relationships without meaning to and have stayed up long nights with plans of escaping unscathed. Turns out, I should’ve just poisoned my ex’s family. Who knew?

Thank you, Ayisa, for giving out the recipe on how to get out of a bad relationship. Just murder 13 innocent people. Problem solved.


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