clint frazier concussions

As The Most Frustrating Season in Recent Yankees History Continues, Clint Frazier Is Out For The Season With Concussions

What Happened?


The 2018 New York Yankees are the most frustrating team that also happens to be 30 games above .500. Put the Yankees in any other division in this league and they’re marching to the playoffs with zero pressure. But they happen to play in the same division as the historically great 2018 Boston Red Sox and every loss feels like the end of the world.

Injury after injury after injury has hit this team.

Aaron Judge can’t even swing a bat yet after being hit with a pitch on the wrist. Didi hurt his heel running to first. And unfortunately, Clint Frazier suffered a concussion in spring training and has yet to fully recover from it.

This would have been the perfect season for Frazier to prove himself. Jacoby Ellsbury decided to take his $21 million and stay home all year. Aaron Judge has one wrist. Brett Gardner is currently slumping. Giancarlo Stanton strained his hamstring. Shane Robinson was only playing because he was like, Brian Cashman’s nephew or something. Andrew McCutchen wouldn’t be here if Frazier was healthy.[1. shout out Aaron Hicks being healthy as fuck.]

But nope, bad luck has teabagged the Yankees all year.

Now, I don’t actually believe that Frazier is going to be that great of a player but like, that’s not a suuuuper fun take to have right now considering that the man’s brain hurts at the moment. Even though I don’t believe he’s as great of a prospect as many other fans believe he is, I still want him to like, have a normal functional brain.

This sucks.



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