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Arrested Development is Coming Back For Season 5

The streaming service has greenlit a much-anticipated fifth season of the family comedy, which is set to launch in 2018. Original creator Mitchell Hurwitz is back, along with the entire series regular cast, including Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, Jeffrey Tambor, Jessica Walter, Will Arnett, Tony Hale, Portia de Rossi, David Cross and Alia Shawkat.


Soo here’s the problem with having a 5th season of Arrested Development. I think all of the pre-Netflix episodes of this show are hilarious.1 But once the show was originally cancelled, all of the actors went on to be stars on other TV shows and Jason Bateman is a leading man in Hollywood, somehow.2

When they returned to Netflix they caught us up with every character one-by-one. Which was a cool concept I guess but what makes the show great is seeing them all in one room being manics. The problem is now that all of these actors are stars, you’re working around a bajillon different schedules.

I have faith in Arrested Development season 5. Everything Jessica Walter touches turns to gold and the world just needs more Tobias.




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  1. remember ‘pre’-Netflix? Yea, neither do I.
  2. Zootopia obviously being his greatest role.

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