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Arrest Doug Pederson

This Sunday, the New York Giants were cheated out of a chance to make the playoffs after Doug Pederson and the Philadelphia Eagles took a knee and allowed Washington to trample over them in a direct insult to the league and the Giants themselves.

In order to make the postseason, the New York Giants had to defeat the Dallas Cowboys and hope that the Washington Football Team lost to the Philadelphia Eagles later that night as both New York and Washington would have the same win-loss record and the Giants, having beaten Washington twice this season, would have the tiebreaker thus winning the NFC East and instantly qualifying for the playoffs.

The Giants did what they had to do by beating the Cowboy 23-19. Then they waited to see if Philadelphia could finish the job for them.

Enter Doug Pederson.

In the 4th quarter of an easily winnable football game, Eagles head coach, Doug Pederson, elected to take out his starting quarterback and replace him with Nate Sudfeld. In his 2nd pass attempt after being dragged in, Sudfeld immediately threw an interception because of course he did because he’s a fucking third-string QB and had no business playing in that game. Oh, and then he fumbled it the next chance he got. Awesome.

The Eagles would end up losing thus ending the Giants season in the most bitter disgusting move I’ve seen in the NFL. I mean, obviously not including all of the domestic abuse and murders and Ben Roethlisberger’s countless rapes but, ya know, on the field.

NFL nerds fell out of the clouds to crown Doug Pederson as a genius for choosing to go for it on 4th and 4 instead of kicking a game tying field goal before throwing his back up’s back up out there to stink it up.

The Eagles jumped from the 9th pick to the 6th pick with the loss. Cool. Except that Pederson came out and said it was his decision to make the QB switch and it didn’t come from the front office. Why would the head coach of a 4 win football club intentionally lose to give the team a better draft pick when his job is literally on the line if he loses?

This had nothing to do with the future of the organization everything to do with Doug Pederson being a spiteful little bitch. He wanted to knock the Giants out of the playoffs and he wanted to kick Carson Wentz on his way out the door.

Pederson benched Wentz for Jalen Hurts so naturally, Wentz requested a trade. If the Eagles were truly trying to win and they believed Hurts was incapable of doing so then they would’ve sent Carson Wentz—the former MVP candidate—into the game. Not the lifelong backup with 1 career touchdown pass.

Arrest this monster.

I don’t want to hear about the Giants not winning enough games. They would’ve won the same amount of games as Washington if Philadelphia actually tried to win on Sunday. Don’t tell me Washington ‘earned’ it and New York didn’t when New York beat Washington twice this season and Washington’s starting quarterback has a leg made up of wicker and leather.

“The Eagles don’t owe the Giants any favors.” Why would the Eagles help their rivals?” WASHINGTON IS THEIR DIVISION RIVAL TOO. This is just a slap in the face to the Giants as well as his own roster and Doug Pederson needs to be imprisoned before someone gets hurt.





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