Aroldis Chapman Ties Record With 105MPH Fastball, Probably Shouldn’t Still Be a Yankee

I want to be excited a write about how Aroldis Chapman is the best closer in baseball but at the same time, I have no idea why he’s still on the Yankees roster. The New York Yankees have a .500 record with 46 wins and 46 loses. They re currently 5 games out of the Wild Card which sounds close but there are 5 teams ahead of them and those teams all have better rosters than the Yankees currently do.

Aroldis Chapman is currently signed to a 1-year deal and could be the missing piece for a playoff team looking to make a run at the World Series. The Yankees are not one of those teams soo it’s time to pull the trigger like, by lunch time. There is no point in having an amazing closer when your team never has the lead going into the 9th.

If the trade deadline passes and Chapman is still on this roster than this season was a complete failure for the Yankees. The only good thing going for this team is that the Tampa Bay Devil Rays are absolute garbage so the Yankees won’t finish in last place even though it seems like that’s their goal.


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