Should Aroldis Chapman Still Be New York Yankees Closer?

“He will continue to be my closer,” Girardi said. “We won’t close with him tonight because we’re going to let him go through some things. We think that his leg is not going to be an issue, but we want him to go through some things and make sure that it is OK.

“If everything he goes through today (is OK) and the trainer says he’s fine, he’ll be my closer tomorrow.”


On Tuesday night, not only did Aroldis Chapman almost tear his hamstring into pieces attempting to run for what I can only imagine being the first time he ran all season, but he also almost blew a save in a game that he entered with a 3-run advantage.

After blowing a huge game against the Boston Red Sox last weekend and then giving up home runs to practically every single rookie that steps into the batter’s box against him, the streets are buzzing with fans wanting a Chapman demotion.

Should Aroldis Chapman remain the Yankees closer?

Yea, duh. My man isn’t making $11 million a year to pitch the 5th inning after CC Sabathia pops a tire. He’s on this team to close games because he can throw 103mph and Adam Warren cannot. Sure, Chapman has never located a pitch in his life but you don’t have to when no one can catch up with your heat.

The clear argument against him is that hitters are starting to catch up with his fastball as now it seems as though most relief pitchers are hitting 100 on the gun. I’d 1000% rather have Chapman in the closer role than David Robertson who the Yankees let go for a reason the first time. Dellin Betances allows too many base runners for a closer.

Chapman has the best stuff. He has the most experience in the role and even though Joe Maddon intentionally blew out his arm in the World Series because he knew he was leaving after the season and he didn’t care what happened to him physically once he left, Chapman is still the best option on this roster.

Fuck Joe Maddon though.



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