Arizona Governor Threatening To Pull Funding For New Nike Plant Because He Hates Colin Kaepernick Is a Prime Example That Politicians Don’t Give a Shit About You

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has ordered a financial incentive package for Nike to be withdrawn because the company canceled a sneaker featuring the “Betsy Ross” American flag.

In a series of tweets early Tuesday, the Republican governor said he was disappointed in Nike’s “terrible” decision, which he called a “shameful retreat.” Ducey said he believes Nike’s action shows it lacks pride and appreciation for American history. He condemned the company for bowing to political correctness.

Ducey ordered the Arizona Commerce Authority to withdraw all financial incentive dollars under its discretion that the state was providing for Nike to build a factory in Goodyear, Arizona, which is near Phoenix. (CNN)

Earlier this week, Nike attempted to drop these wack ass Betsy Ross flag sneakers in honor of Independence Day. Colin Kaepernick immediately stepped in and called the Air Max 1 Quick Strike Fourth of July racist.

Apparently Kap has a direct batphone line to the CEO as the shoes were never released due to racial insensitivity.

For anyone who is confused or thinks this is ‘snowflake’ political correctness, should probably be aware that Betsy Ross original colonies flag has been used by alt-right white supremacist groups. Oh, and the American Nazi used this flag as their symbol of hate.

That was from a quick Google search that Nike probably could’ve done themselves. I haven’t punched the number but I feel like Nike has more employees over in the marketing department than Deadseriousness does.

Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey, is using this as an opportunity to rile up his base (racists) and turn this into a political battle where the people of Arizona support the flag and are true American while the big bad Nike corporation hates this country.

After his weird Twitter rant in the middle of the night, Ducey threatened to take away state funding for the opening of a new Nike plant in Arizona that would provide an estimated 500 jobs.

So Doug Ducey, a man who will 1000% dedicate his upcoming campaign on his undying quest to give Americans jobs, is willing to sacrifice 500 potential new jobs in his state simply to trick lazy ignorant people into thinking he’s making some grand moral or ethical gesture.

Ducey would rather ride with white supremacists and win some optics battle than truly do his fucking job and help put people to work.

Nike is one of the biggest companies on the planet so the $1 million that Ducey takes away is ashtray money. All they have to do is leak a video of Zion Williamson dunking from the free throw line and they’ll get a milly in an hour.

The point is, these politicians don’t give a shit about the people that voted them into office. All they want to do is maintain power and Ducey is in the headlines right now. You know who’s not in the headlines? Whoever chooses to run against him next election. He’s getting exactly what he wants: exposure.

Pro tip for anyone who doesn’t know what side to take on these issues: if you are white and a black person says something is racist, then it’s racist. There is no other side of the argument.

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