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Arizona Cardinals Will Be Absolute Garbage Trash With Running David Johnson Out 12 Weeks With Wrist Injury

Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson suffered a dislocated wrist Sunday against the Detroit Lions, head coach Bruce Arians revealed.

Arians didn’t give a timeline for how long Johnson would be sidelined, only saying he’d get a second opinion, and that it appears to be the same injury suffered by fellow running back T.J. Logan, who hurt his wrist in August and is expected to miss 12 weeks after undergoing surgery.



The Arizona Cardinals went out there on Sunday and did exactly what I was afraid they would do. They made Matt Stafford look like he deserves to be the highest paid player in the NFL and I hate them for that. Just add one more 4th quarter comeback to Stafford’s resume.

During the chaos of their 23-35 loss to Detroit, Cardinals star running back, David Johnson, dislocated his wrist. A lot of people claim that LeVeon Bell is the best back in the game but those honors belong solely to David Johnson who rushed for over 1,200 yards last season along with catching 80 passes and scoring 20 total touchdowns. He’s like a Big Ten running back out there bulling over slow white cornfed linebackers from Iowa.

It’s safe to say that Carson Palmer is washed. His glory days as long gone and he now has the arm strength of a snake. You can’t go out there on opening day and toss three interceptions. Not a great look. The Cardinals will win zero games if David Johnson can’t play for 12 weeks.





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