Are You Essential? Congrats. Here’s How to Keep Yourself Safe from Coronavirus at Work

The unemployment rate is a little scary to look at right now. At the end of March, it rose to 4.4%. Millions of Americans are finding themselves without a job and filing for unemployment benefits thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic. 


But, not everyone is in that same sinking Coronavirus canoe. Many people have what are considered to be essential jobs. The most obvious essential workers are those in healthcare, but everyone from grocery store workers to fast food employees are still working, and they’re still around others. 


If that’s you, it can feel a little overwhelming. On one hand, you’re getting a consistent paycheck and you’re probably not dying of boredom being stuck at home during the quarantine. On the other hand, you’re putting yourself at risk when you go to work every day. Instead of the typical work safety concerns like slip and fall accidents, now you’ve got to worry about a very serious virus. 


So, what can your essential self do to stay safe from COVID-19 while you’re on the job? Let’s look at a few tips.



Stay Distant if You Can


In some cases, you might still be able to practice social distancing in the workplace. If you can – do it. Many offices and businesses have cut down on staff to only have the necessary people on hand. Fewer people means a reduced risk of exposure. 


If you do have to work within close quarters of someone, have some safeguards in place. We realize some of the masks people are wearing these days might look a little silly, but they can make a big difference since Coronavirus can linger in the air up to 1 meter. If you’re talking with someone who may have it, a mask can protect you from breathing it in. 


Keep it Clean


Hopefully, we don’t have to tell anyone how to practice good hygiene. But, it’s more important to be diligent than ever before. If you don’t readily have access to a sink at work and you can’t frequently wash your hands, have a bottle of hand sanitizer near you at all times. Remember to use it as much as possible, especially after any interaction with someone. 


It’s also a good idea to have disinfecting products nearby so you can wipe down registers, keyboards, countertops, etc. Consider yourself a clean machine!


Put Reminders Everywhere


Everyone might be tired of hearing how often to wash their hands or wipe things down, but the constant reminders are there for a reason. It’s easy to fall into old habits and not wash your hands so frequently, or find yourself in close contact with people. It can feel nearly impossible to break those habits unless you’re being visually and verbally reminded. 


So, to protect yourself and others, put up signs all over your place of business telling people how they can stay safe. These little reminders can actually make a big difference in how diligent you are with your hygiene habits. 


If you’re an essential worker, thank you for being on the front lines of this craziness. Hopefully, these reminders help to keep you safe, strong, and healthy every day when you’re on the job.




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Written by Deadseriousness


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